Have a problem with bad checks? We have a solution that will fit your needs. Our complete check service package helps your business prevent losses from bad or fraudulent checks. VPS offers a variety of check service systems that can be customized to fit your needs and budget. Some of our check services are:

Check Verification with or without Guarantee: Our verification network gives you access to one of the most complete and accurate check verification systems anywhere. Within seconds employees can verify checks accepted at the point-of-sale electronically from a fraudulent check database containing over 10 million check records. This gives you the screening information and power to accept or reject check payments.

Free Electronic Check Representment: If a fraudulent check is accepted, we can automatically “re-present” it to the writer’s bank and collect what is owed to you. Our proprietary electronic check representment system allows us to automatically debit the check writer’s account for the amount owed and deposit into to your account electronically. This is a totally free service.

Electronic Check Conversion (ECC): Electronic Check Conversion is a unique check conversion and guarantee service that assures you’ll receive payment from a customer’s check. This program allows you to convert check payments into Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) transactions that draft the check amount from your customer's bank account. This system turns paper checks into electronic debit transactions and you receive your funds as fast or faster than paper checks.

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